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 Maybe you want to add a little story about yourself to the sales page and write who the product suits and who it doesn’t. the sales page is written, the title comes naturally. If flow takes you over , write a sales page as much and as long as you can. Do not edit the text in any way during the writing phase, just let the text come. Or, if you feel like you don’t want to find the flow, split the sales page into sections and write one section one day and then leave the text to incubate. At this point, you don’t have to worry yet if the text doesn’t feel logical or cohesive.

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We’ll get to that next Tips for writing Identify the time when you are most energetic. Create a writing routine and latest database always write at the same time on the same day, calendar the times and stick to them. Put the phone on silent and turn it upside down or take it to another room. Remove all beeps from the laptop or computer. If you write in sections of the sales page, use the Pomodoro technique. Various Tomato/Pomodoro Timers are available online . I personally use the free version of the BeFocused App on my phone. The app alerts everyone every 45 minutes, after which I take a 10-minute break. Put your headphones on and search YouTube for ” Brown Noise “, “White noise” or “Deep Focus” music. use “Brown Noise” background noise.

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 Don’t write when you’re tired, irritable, angry, or anxious. Your feelings are transmitted between the lines to the customers – always. First, listen to good music, go for  BSD Directory a walk, enjoy nature, eat well, drink water and get enough sleep. Editing the sales page Now you should have a Raw version of the sales page. And it’s okay if the text is not consistent in every section (especially if you’ve written one section of the page at a time). If the sections are separate, combine them into one whole and save the whole page. silently out loud. Yes, out loud. Because reading aloud makes you find extra typos (at least some of them) and see which sections don’t make logical sense in relation to each other. 

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