Voxus Annual Report 2023: learn more about media and e-commerce

We know that the last few years have been full of ups and downs in the world of consumption. The pandemic brought a series of changes in the way customers and brands relate, in the market and in advertising. Now, we arrive in many expectations and lessons learned in different areas. With this, Voxus, a Brazilian programmatic media AdTech, has just launched the “Voxus Annual Report 2023 – Media and E-commerce”, a free study on digital media and e-commerce in 2022 and what we can expect from these areas in 2023. This material was developed by Voxus experts and features exclusive analyses. Many consumers look for free shipping during Black Friday, so consider offering this option to increase sales. Invest in advertising: create advertising and pre-campaign campaigns that reach your target audience and highlight your Black Friday promotions. Offer advantages for bulk purchases: create promotions to encourage the purchase of more than one product. Prepare your stock: it is important to monitor consumer behavior to know which items are most desired for Black Friday.

The study included the participation of several e-commerce experts

In this study, several topics were covered, such as digital media panorama in , online consumption and media consumption last year, evaluation of 2022 by Voxus experts, greater expectations for Australia Telegram Number Data digital media in , perspectives for e-commerce for 2023 and much more. Voxus also had the participation and collaboration of several leading professionals in the Brazilian e-commerce, media and advertising agencies market, such as Gustavo Gaion, Grasiella Drumond, Tulio Lisboa, Denise Honorio Andrade, Francisco Castro and Aline Bezerra. So, if you want to know more about the main trends and items to pay attention to during this new year, go there and check out the Voxus Annual Report 2023.

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The commercial model of digital media, using data consciously, post-pandemic impact on consumption, use of technology in the purchasing journey, GA4, live commerce, omnichannel, Retail Media and much more. After all, a complete media strategy in 2023 is all we want, right?With this conversation, we hope that you now have at least an idea Australia Telegram Number of ​​how much we can help you sell more with your e-commerce. Get in touch with one of our experts, ask your questions and learn a little more about this universe. Share on social media. But, even more interesting, is ensuring a good stock of products as soon as possible. Use social media: publicize your promotions on social media to increase your store’s visibility and attract new customers. Analyze the possibility of investing in paid traffic. Have good customer service: During Black Friday, customers may have questions or problems with their purchases.

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