E-commerce sector in Brazil is expected to reach

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Which represents more E-commerce sector in Brazil is expected to reach than 40% of the market in Latin America. According to a study carried out by Americas Market Intelligence (AMI). E-commerce sector in Brazil is expected to reach. The sector is expect to grow 20% per year until. Reaching US$432 billion, considering purchases and payments in different segments, from retail to streaming. According to Lindsay Lehr, managing director and responsible for payments at AMI. Large retailers, such as Magazine Luiza .  Americanas, as well as the main marketplaces, have register annual growth of 80% to 90%. On the other hand, many small businesses are digitalizing. Which indicates that there are still many opportunities in the market.

Using Pix in e-commerce

Reports show that the use of Pix is ​​on the rise in transactions carried out in e-commerce. In instant payment already represented up to of total register transactions.  E-commerce sector in Brazil is expected to reach And the expectation is that E-commerce secto this share will grow to 34% by . Furthermore, more than 70% of the. Brazilian adult population already uses Pix. While only 37 % have a credit card. The report Belgium Telegram Number Data also predicts that the share of plastic should fall from 55% to 47% of total purchasing volume by 2025. The arrival of Pix Garantido is expected to further boost the use of the payment method in e-commerce purchases. Currently, Pix is ​​most used for lower value purchases, while credit cards are still the preferred method for more expensive items, such as retail products, travel, recurring payments and short courses.

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Customer relationships will become increasingly important

A survey carried out by AMI in August 2022 with 300 cryptocurrency users Brazil Telegram Number reveal that only 10% of them acquired them for the purpose of making purchases. E-commerce sector in Brazil is expected to reach while the majority (81%) use them for investments. In addition to offering a wide variety of payment methods, it is essential that companies simplify the consumer experience and E-commerce secto  continually meet their needs, emphasizes Nuvei CEO Philip Fayer. He emphasizes that maintaining a close relationship with customers is key to the success of companies in the coming years. And you, are you prepared to keep up with this growth and meet the needs of your customers. Although it still serves the older population or those without access to banking services, the bank slip loses space to Pix.



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