You can make an exception for occasional emails Keep in mind that Father’s Day doesn’t have to be just for the boy. Use dynamic content. Lik the article Share it or write which error you enco FreshMailers Interview with Piotr Suszalski Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google Pinterest Buffer Maria Czekańska You have been with FreshMail for over a decade which is a long time not only taking into account the work in one company but also the changes that have taken place in email marketing in Poland. What do you think was the milestone that brought the greatest popularity to this field Piotr Suszalski In my opinion there is no one point in time or one event that makes Email Marketing so popular.

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One could say that in the quite ancient times before smartphones and before laptops e mail communication was very popular.  would disappear that Italy Business Fax List in the era of ubiquitous smartphones online communicationMessanger WhatsApp etc. access to information in real timeFacebook email would be forgotten. Fortunately that didn’t happen. People are very happy to use e mail it is a very natural way of leaving contact with each otheron the website of our favorite store and thus it is a kind of invitation to contact at a later date.

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As consumers we are us to the fact that our favorite brands will communicate with us via email. For companies however it is a quick way to contact their customers. The threshold for entering email marketing is small which means that you can start communicating with your customers very quickly. In add BSB Directory ition to small companies email marketing is also us by the largest. In my opinion the great popularity of such tools also comes from the fact that they are simple and cheap.

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