At the top she add the headline Scare up Halloween fun where scare replaces scale. company mailing Source Use social proof don’t hide evidence Social proof or simply social proof is a brilliant thing to turn up the atmosphere. That’s why I love this email from Slice Rewards. In their newsletter they let you know that the most people order pizza on Halloween Even if you’re a die hard dieter you’ll think to yourself If everyone’s ordering I’ll let it go. The answer to the nes of your customers On this spooky day we encounter various problems that we wish to solve.

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Mac knew this well and help people who were wondering How can I stand out from the crowd at this event That is why it sent out mailings with makeup inspirations promoting the cosmetics that were us in a given look. Halloween makeup newsletter Source MAC mailing What other problems may the VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists recipients encounter on this day For example how to get from point a to point b in this scary costume and scary make up without getting finger. This is where Uber comes in to advertise its services. newsletter uber Source If it’s Halloween it’s often a party.

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Betty’s is using this time to help people stock up on Halloween snacks. halloween inspirations Source Another example is SaaSGoogle which did not stop at solving only one problem. He points out that he can help choose a costume create a shopping list or find a BSB Directory recipe for Halloween candy. newsletter Google Source Create a promotion that will run away soon So use FOMO fear of missing out . Make a Halloween promotion but specify in advance how long it lasts. After all since this is a discount resulting from a special occasion it should end there.

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