It is possible to target Google Ads advertising to appear precisely. in certain geographic locations, Geographic targeting of  but almost all advertisers are. not aware of the opportunities related to geographic targeting.
When setting up a new campaign, Google Ads offers Finland .as the default location. If the advertiser is, for example, a local or internationa.l company, then you should select “

Enter another location" and add all the desired locations. 

Google Ads geographic targeting
We have noticed that, unfortunately, Geographic targeting of  many advertisers completely miss the small drop-down menu called. asia email list Location options”, and this is where a big pitfall is hidden.
By default, Google Ads offers settings where targeting is done to people. who show interest in the selected location. In practice, this means that ads can appear elsewhere than in the location you just selected. 

the location you just selected. 

For example, the ads of a small local business can appear. not only in the selected location, but also in other locations and even abroad, if Google’s default settings are not understood to be changed.
If the adertiser wants to ensure that the ads are.BSB Directory  Displayed only and only in the selected locations, then the location. options should be set to:
Target: People in your targeted locations. Exclude: People in your excluded locations 

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