Facebook advertising is challenging. So many things affect the success of an advertisement that it is almost impossible for an entrepreneur to “test” how different options affect the results of advertising. However, there is one way to get more clicks on your ads – GIF animations! More effective advertising .
GIF (Graphic Intercharge Format) is. an intermediate format. between image and video, where a sequence of images quickly goes .from beginning to end. and then starts over. It has universal browser support. and takes up little bandwidth, which is why it’s easy to view even.

with a poor internet connection

GIFs are by no means a new thing, but have been around. since the early days of the internet. However, GIFs have only. recently gained a wider user base than before, europe email list  thanks to instant messaging extensions and meme culture,  More effective advertising where animated images are used a lot and versatile.
There are several reasons for the popularity. of GIFs, the most important of which is certainly their ability to express emotions when words. are not enough. With the GIF above,

skills or you have no idea what you’re doing.

europe email list

A GIF provides much more information than. words and still images. It’s also easier to download than video. BSB Directory 
How to use GIFs in advertising. campaign revenue increased by 109%.
An Instapage article tells how Bluefly’s marketing campaign revenue. increased by 12% when they tried GIFs in their email advertising in 2008. DELL .did the same in 2014 and the

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