Therefore always check the recommend dimensions for an email banner or for a blog or social mia portals. Get a good stock photo and graphics As you know in order to use an image in a Black Friday banner it must not only be free but also free of attribution and commercial use. It is best to buy a whole package of graphics that match our brand and use them in various projects. Choose the right tool I us to work in Canva but the lack of precision bother me a bit. More than once there were problemswith the alignment of elements. Today I’m working on Figma and all the graphics in this post were made on it. I us photos found on Pixabay.

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Useful tools and pages Canva It has a free and paid version. It doesn’t really require learning. You can upload your fonts and brand graphics to it. It also has its own library of photos and graphics. You can create your designs from scratch or use one of the ready Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List made templates. What’s useful Canva has many formats Instagram stories Facebook posts presentations etc. and you can find matching graphic templates for each format. Figma It has a free and paid version. It creates projects mainly from scratch so at the beginning you ne to spend some time to familiarize yourself with the tool.

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Ultimately it has greater graphic processing capabilities. Projects creat in Figma are more professional. The tool allows you to work on different layers or better align objects. Pixlr X This is a tool mainly known for photo processing. It has more poss BSB Directory ibilities for this than for example Canva. However you can also create templates for flyers or posts on social mia. Has a photo library. Photo banks and pages with graphics When it comes to photo and graphics banks you should first of all remember to check whether the add graphics are suitable for commercial use and whether you ne to add a caption to them.

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