We can distinguish projects in which the balance is distribut symmetrically and asymmetrically . This is where the rule of three comes in handy too put the main graphic on the left side of the grid so it’s balanc with everything else. It’s worth mentioning that balance is one of the hardest things to master. Asymmetric balance Symmetrical balance Texture This is a great technique that allows us to emphasize the key elements of our message the emotional value and the main message. That is why for example very often in perfume advertisementswave graphics are us.

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Texture is also a great tool for beginners in graphics properly plac in the background it can conquer our message with really minimal effort. Form It is a tool that can be us to add some realism to our work. The form can be simply defin as graphics on which Italy WhatsApp Number List there are D elements reflection of light shadow etc. Repeatability When we create graphics for our brand even for Black Friday it is important to keep elements of repetition. These can be for example colors or shapes. Thanks to this our brand communication will not seem chaotic.

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Net I wrote about breaking the grid as a distinction in the hierarchy. However as a rule of thumb you should align your design with horizontal and vertical lines to keep the message simple. Especially remember this if you are just starting your adve BSB Directory nture in graphics. What else should you keep in mind when designing Always do your research Search for inspiration and browse good projects. Look for the rules I mention here. Thanks to this you will consolidate proven practices. Use the appropriate dimensions of the graphics You don’t want to get shot in the foot just because your graphics will display badlya social mia post will be cut off.

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