But well also provide recordings to all registrants if your time zone or a busy schule make it tough to attend. What kinds of speakers are you looking for. Were sending out an open invitation to anyone who works with email to apply to be a speaker. If youve got a hot take on an industry topic, amazing strategic advice, or some incrible tips to share, we want to hear about it. Most of our attendees have at least a foundational knowlge of email marketing. So, if youre pitching a presentation, it should go beyond the basics. For example, last year i team up with avi goldman from parcel to talk about component-driven email design systems. There was also a session that took a deep dive into dark mode emails, a hilarious session on high-converting email copy, and a keynote presentation from chad s.

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White on email and omnichannel marketing. Generally, well have separate themes for each of the days. One tends to be more marketing focus and the other is more about the technical aspects of email. Whats it like to be an email camp speaker. Youve probably got a bunch of questions surrounding the experience of being a presenter at email camp. Lets get you some answers… How long b2b leads are email camp sessions. Most sessions are 30-minutes long. Speakers should aim for a 20-minute presentation so we can leave time for q&a with attendees at the end. Our panel discussions tend to be 45 to 60 minutes long. Will i present alone or will someone else be participating. You could choose to partner up with someone and share the virtual stage (like i did with avi).

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Or you could do it all yourself. If we get a lot of submissions on a certain topic, we may invite you to be part of an expert panel. Do i have to learn how to use a new platform. Our team will take care of as much of the technical stuff as possible. We want you to focus on your presentation. If youve check out email camp in the past, youre probably familiar with thomas, our BSB Directory illustrious host. Thomas takes care of everything from managing the virtual event platform to fielding questions. He sets it up. You knock em down. (thomas is also an awesome dj and email camp is almost worth it for the music mix alone. ) well also have a dry run with every speaker to iron out technicalities before the event.

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