Customer reviews: how much does this impact your e-commerce

As an entrepreneur, have you ever thought about the importance of customer reviews for the success of your e-commerce? Imagine the following situation: You are looking for an ergonomic chair to use in your office, and you already have a model in mind that you want to buy. However, you haven’t yet chosen which site you will buy from. So, you start doing research on the internet and find two stores that have exactly what you were looking for. However, in one store it costs R$950.00, in the second it costs R$1,550.00. Logically, you are inclined to buy the cheapest option, right? Soon after, you decide to go in and read customer reviews, to find out if the product is reliable and of quality. In store 1, there are several negative comments.

What is the impact of customer reviews

As we saw in the example above, customer reviews in e-commerce play a fundamental role. To give you an idea, 90% of buyers read reviews before purchasing a product, according to the Findstack Blog . In other words, if your online store does not have reviews on your products, whether due to the quality of the Netherlands Telegram Number Data product and service, customer service, delivery or other reasons, you could lose several sales. Check now the main impacts caused by the lack of evaluations: Greater consumer confidence Having positive and valuable social proof for your customers, the confidence that future customers will have when entering your store will be much greater, as they will know the real quality of your services. Check out: How to sell your products on Google? More purchasing decisions.


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Question-answering channels help

Another positive point to pay attention to is the query channels. By having comments about the functionality and quality of the product, many questions will be answered by your own customers, thus helping you to waste Vietnam Telegram Number less time with this functionality. Check it out: Why choose Magazord as your platform? Fewer exchanges and returns. Because they have many questions answered only with customer comments, new consumers tend to be more successful when purchasing products. As a result, the number of exchanges and returns decreases drastically, in addition to saving on costs and energy for reverse logistics . Highest average ticket In data released by Invesp , your average purchase value can increase by up to 31% after having reviews on your products. In other words, feedback can considerably increase your e-commerce revenue.

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