Our consultants are guid by specific values ​​that are consistent with FreshMails vision. These include openness courage respect focus commitment. In FreshMails plans we took into account various nes in terms of the form of contact or the scope of assistance. You can choose to communicate only via chat or additionally decide on a telephone consultation. Whats more you have the option to take advantage of more advanc reporting and deliverability consulting if thats what you really ne.

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In our plans we took into account one more important distinguishing feature time. You can get a response to requests even within a maximum of min FreshMailers Interview with Grzegorz Gorczyca Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google+ Pinterest Buffer Maria Czekańska Youve been with FreshMail for over years and from what I can see its the only job list on LinkIn. Was Manufacturing Directors Email Lists she the first? What made you decide to work with FreshMail for such a long term? Grzegorz Gorczyca No this is not my first job. Previously I also work as a programmer and studi at the same time but this is the first job where I decid that this is the right direction.

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In addition I felt fully involv in the industry. As for why Ive been with FreshMail for so long there are two main ones. The first is the really great people on board and the second the challenges and development opportunities offer by the company. You say about BSB Directory yourself that you are responsible for the spells all that makes the application work. What made this part of IT so fascinating to you? The road from customer nes to a working product is very long and winding. It is very difficult to briefly describe all the processes that must take place which is why I often simply call it magic.

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