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Site Audit The site audit tells us about the page score and page index. It also gives us a detail insight into the issues divid by. critical errors warnings opportunities and minor errors notices . There are also pages where everything works as it should. Now lets look at a specific problem. Lets say we are seeing duplicate page titles. When we click on it a new window opens. We can see a list of all pages of the site with a given error but not only. With a given URL we immiately see a list of all errors. At this stage we can see the entire audit of a given subpage page code where the title of the page we analyz was duplicat.

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Sitechecker site audit Graphics come from sitechecker resources Whats more we can search for subpage data using a magnifying glass or quickly jump to another error thanks to filtering on the right side. We also have the option to ignore the given error. Sitechecker also provid a How to fix button Training Directors Email Lists where we can read important information about a given problem even in the form of a video. The views are different depending on the error or possibility. When we look at incorrect Hreflangs we have the option to preview the faulty code.

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More than once a list of only subpages will be display with the describ weight of the page and the HTTP response code. sitechecker issue Graphics come from resources I have to admit that as long as Ive been using Sitechecker Ive never found a BSB Directory misalign view for an error or opportunity and it makes the whole job much easier and faster. Individual site audit As I mention it is possible to see the audit of a particular page and subpage not just the entire site. It has been divid into several sections review issues content optimization data structure image analysis search optimization links page loading spe.

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