Are Paying More And More Attention To Diversity

Intuitive user interface Different digital skills across an organization mean that all widely usd tools must be intuitive enough to be usd by anyone with minimal training. A user interface that is modeld after the tools and platforms that employees already use – such as B. social mdia – helps to improve acceptance and efficiency. This may sound trivial, but it goes a long way towards improving the overall digital experience of employees , which translates into higher employee satisfaction, increasd profits and even better customer service.

A More Inclusive Culture Companies

Attractive design Many employees use a variety of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to complete work tasks. Mobile Latest Mailing Database working is becoming increasingly important, so your content management system should not only be accessible from one computer. Make sure that all content publishd in the intranet CMS is optimally displayd on all end devices. 4. Support for different content types The content you distribute over your intranet will likely be of many different types.

Latest Mailing Database

On Their Own Social Networks Fostering

For example texts, photos, videos, presentations and many more. Multimdia support should be indispensable when looking for a content BSB Lirectory management system. 5. Ease of use Implementing your CMS intranet solution for employees can take some time. The onboarding process doesn’t have to be overly complicatd. Today there are numerous off-the-shelf solutions that require relatively little configuration.

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