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This does not change the fact that the change of the methodology to agile allow some companies to develop quite strongly and allows them to prove further functions in the system on time. This requires quite a lot of change mainly in how the people managing it top management in the organization perceive the project but agile project management methodologies are the future and the vast majority of existing projects or those that will be creat use and will use agile methodologies. Another concept is a different look at the architecture of the develop software. In many places in the system it is worth using the DDD methodology.

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The foundations for this approach to software development were laid back in the s so the concept is very old but has recently gain a lot of popularity. Other approaches to solving architectural problems are CQRS Event Sourcing Finance Directors Email Lists or creating Data Driven applications. It is worth getting acquaint with these concepts because they are us more and more often and they also allow us to develop our application. Of course every stick has two ends. Just as the development of project management methodology development of software and technology has allow us to create better and better applications each of these applications is much more complicat.

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As a result the technical threshold for entering the application for a programmer is higher. It us to be enough for a progra BSB Directory mmer to know technologies and be able to work on virtually any project. At the moment there are several technologies us in the FreshMail application and the entry threshold especially for novice programmers is much higher than it was for example or years ago. Nevertheless the recent times and the development of widely field technology should be assess as a great opportunity to create a product that your customers will love.

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