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A holistic approach that guarantees not only the creation and strengthening of businesses, but also the well-being and personal development of each participant. Why BUILD? The Vision behind the Scholarship Eduardo del Castillo , director of the foundation, reflected the importance and drive behind this initiative by sharing his personal experience. After experiencing Your email  years of financial adversity, he and his wife envisioned, but as a platform to restore dignity and hope to those who have been affected by similar circumstances.

EDIFICA not only as business training

The Impact and Trajectory of the Program To date, 347 families have resurfaced thanks to EDIFICA , ending their process with robust businesses and with renewed confidence in themselves and their future. As Eduardo mentions: “After the 9  Australia Telegram Number Data months of the scholarship, the families end up with strengthened businesses and with  opportunities  Your email  for others.” If you’ve ever felt like your business dreams have faded due to adversity, this is your chance to redefine your story. Colombia Comparte ‘s EDIFICA.

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Scholarships not only offer training, but a second chance for those looking to get back on track to success. Consult more details Egypt Telegram Number  on the official site of Colombia Comparte Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest WhatsApp E-Mail Javier Diaz I am a young entrepreneur passionate Your email  about technology, education and business. Business and Entrepreneurship Blogger, creator of Emprendices, Co-founder of Net Masters and Entrepreneurship Teacher.

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