Brandcrops , the digital marketing agency and consultancy, organized a webinar last Wednesday on how to prepare strategies for the 2023 consumer , led by one of its co-founders and CEO, Daniela Goicoechea. Trends tell us about how we see the world, about innovations, what is happening around the world, what is changing ; These innovations have their roots in our human needs such as empathy, community, social status, improvement, entertainment, among others, and are impacted by the external forces of globalized changes at a social, cultural, political and technological level.

Trends that impact customer behavior

Micro-communities and subcultures are gaining importance. Moving the conversation away from the conventional and individual and top industry data towards personalization. Therefore, closeness and diversity. The trend is not to segment by generation or geography, but by interests. They call it the era of the algorithm. Where the algorithm understands what the consumer loves. We will understand the importance of knowing the interests. Behavior and how to connect with the consumer and the brands we direct our trust to those niche creators and stay away from macro influencers. Therefore, it is important to deepen the segmentation and focus on small interests trying to generate emotional connections. “Instead of thinking about what the community can do for the brand. Brands must think about what we can do for our communities (and do it),” says Daniela. Adapting to the consumer’s language This trend talks about how we communicate digitally. 

More and more brands are empowering content

Creators to monetize their passions, increasing their motivation to create content. As well as their independence and autonomy. At the BSB Directory same time, more and more anonymous users are willing to create content for the brands themselves to generate extra income from their knowledge and experiences, being natural and organic content that brands must know how to take advantage of. Instead of working with macro influencers. We can generate organic content strategies created by small creators that will target niche communities. “Let’s see creators as our ambassadors. We as brands must give them the opportunity to create their own content. Providing them with the necessary tools,” says Goicoechea. Generate inspirational initiatives Brands that are already working to achieve positive change can inspire consumers to adopt a more purposeful lifestyle through small steps. Helping them too help and feel like they are having a positive impact. 

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