What is Google Core Update

Google Core Update is an abbreviation for “Core Algorithm Update”. It is a major change that Google makes to its search algorithm. “Search algorithm” refers to a program that determines the display order of search results. The specific impact is that even pages without problems can experience changes in their search rankings. In order to minimize the impact on search rankings (=SEO), it is necessary to understand the mechanism and take measures.

Search algorithms are updated

This is because even if you search for the same keyword. The display ranking of search results changes depending on the day. The Google search algorithm is a calculation method that determines the display ranking of search results. Google uses over 200 ranking factors to evaluate websites around the world and determine the display order of search results. Reference: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List(2024) The algorithm, which combines multiple factors Phone Number List like this, changes daily. So taking measures on just one point will not necessarily improve your ranking. In addition, the entire mechanism has not been disclosed, and the reality is that no one knows the correct answer.

About Google Core Update

If you check the impact of this core update on the graph published by the SEO tool. It will Australia Phone Number change after the completion date of November 29, 2023. Graph image of the impact of Google core update in November 2023 published by SEO tool SEMRUSH . Source: Semrush Sensor As mentioned above, changes can be seen after November 29th, when the core update is said to have been completed. Ranking changes in each industry/genre Let’s take a look at the ranking changes in each industry/genre. In this update, ranking changes were also confirmed in YMYL areas such as “Health and Medicine” and “Finance, Finance, and Law.” Status of ranking changes due to Google core update in November 2023 in each industry/genre Source: namaz.jp YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) refers to pages that may have an impact on a person’s health or economy.

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