What is Domain Authority (DA) and how is it measur

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Domain authority is an imposing term. Or at least What is it gives me respect. It is no wonder because it is one of the most important terms within SEO and one of the main variables within a web positioning strategy. Specifically. within off-page SEO. As you can imagine. the more authority. the better SEO positioning and the more likely it is that Google will take that website into account and place it in the top positions of the SERPs. Enough introductions. let’s move on to the topic. I’m going to tell you what domain authority is . how DA is measur. how we can improve it. and some other issues that you will discover if you continue reading. Contents What is domain authority? What does domain authority depend on? How is domain authority measur? .

Domain Authority de MOZ .

Domain Rating de Ahrefs . Citation Trust de Majestic Russia Email Data SEO What isĀ  Domain Authority (DA) vs Page Authority (PA) How to improve domain authority? What is domain authority? Domain authority is an SEO factor that refers to the relevance that a domain or web page has within the Internet and. more specifically. within Google . Do you remember those American movies where there was always a very popular baseball player who dat a very popular team cheerleader? Well. if the institute were the Internet and they were two web pages. we could say that they had a lot of domain authority. They were very popular. Domain authority represents the popularity of a website on the Internet.

What does domain authority depend on?

Generally domain authority is determin by the number of links BSB Directory or external. Referring domains pointing to a web page. That is to say. it is very positive that pages. articles and blogs link to our website. The greater the number of links obtain for a web page. the greater domain authority that website will have and the better positioning. Is any link valid? You will ask yourself. Well no. Obviously not. We will always prefer that these links be from pages with a high DA . because it implies that they are also pages with quality content. a lot of traffic and well position.

Therefore. domain authority also depends on the quality of the website’s content . Because if the content is of quality and value. It is more likely that other pages will decide to point to ours. How is domain authority measur? Domain authority is measur on a scale of to 00 .

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