Summary combining email marketing with social mia increases your company’s reach and customer relationships. Social mia is us to attract potential customers and invite them to enter into relationships with your brand. E mail marketing allows for greater business opportunities. Promoting services and products often using personalization. these two marketing channels first of all it is important to maintain a consistent image of the company. It is worth encouraging subscribers to remain followers on social mia and vice versa.

Taking care of the involvement

Appreciation of recipients in each channel is important in a holistic approach to a marketing campaign. Sendguard interview with prof. Nalepa back to the list of entries facebook twitter linkin google+ pinterest buffer gabriela siwka the professor is the author of many scientific publications especially in the field of artificial Special Database intelligence which is your specialty. What is it about ai that made you choose it as your research path Nalepa ai has always fascinat me e.G. Due to its interdisciplinarity while the very subject of my interests has chang over the years. I dealt with modeling and knowlge engineering or automatic reasoning systems for quite a long time.

Special Database

However it was only a starting

Point for me so I gradually began to deal with systems that perform their tasks bas on intelligent data analysis machine learning methods and data mining. For several years one of my specialties has been the construction of hybrid systems where we not only use BSB Directory machine learning because it is of course a very popular paradigm now but we also build a system in which we try to combine the machine learning and data mining component with the reasoning component. In recent years an important topic which appear in my research and scientific work or more precisely return is the subject of explainable artificial intelligence xai.

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