This type of strategy can work wonders

This type of Capture your audience’s attention through visual personalization. Check the box to allow displaying the profile photo of the users you want to reach through the ad. Keep in mind that it is unique to each prospect Select pre-made templates. So that each member’s name and company appear in the ad text. Include a clear message and call to action. CTA in each dynamic ad For Follower ads, exclude existing followers from seeing your ad to ensure you get new potential customers. This can be done on the targeting page. For Spotlight ads, try uploading a custom background image to add more visual elements to your ad.

They can be us strategically

Text Ads Text Ads linkin-advertising-typology. Text ads are the least us as they are not shown on the app and on the mobile version. Which alone accounts for of traffic, but are only display on the sidebar of LinkIn on desktop. On the web designs and development service positive side, however, they have a low cost, compar to other solutions it is certainly the cheapest one. By setting the minimum CPC cost per click and correctly targeting the audience, it is possible to bring good traffic. To the landing page without risking reaching people who are not interest in the ad.

That is not optimiz for mobile

On the other hand, they have a very low CTR click through rate. On average, you can say you have achiev a good result when you reach a CTR of. This means that when choosing this type of ad it is important to identify a broad audience. Given their characteristics, when you BSB Directory want to target only people who access LinkIn from desktop. This ne may arise when we have a landing page devices or for certain targeting nes. Some tips to get better results Text ads come in a variety of sizes and structures, such as square, horizontal, and long text link. Address your audience directly. Grab attention with titles like

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