you can create typography by hand, or even create stamps or tiles to use your typeface instead of digitizing it. For this method, you’ll ne a sketchbook, pencils, eraser (optional) to make stamps, and clay (optional) to make tiles. Again, you ne artistic skills to create typography, and both methods of creating typography require you to know at least the basics of typography. Typography Basics Whenever starting out with anything, you should always know the basics. One way to start is to understand the terminology associat with typography. Some of these terms include counter, bowl, spine, ascender, descender, terminal, serif, stem, and ligature.

These terms make up the

Various parts of the alphat you will create. Kerning is another important term to know cause it involves the spacing of letters, which is very important to creating good typography. Typography is another very important component Peru Business Email List of typography as it pertains to the style and tone of the font. Use these to give users an idea of what you want to convey when creating your typography.   help users of the font decide when to use it. Is it a font for formal party invitations, casual gatherings, or creating essays and other business documents? For more on typography basics and some great tips, check out Eight Rules for Creating Effective Typography.

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One thing to rememr Typography

Can consider an art form. Art is creat by people using their creativity. Your typography reflects your creativity, and you should use it to your advantage. The same idea applies to drawing and typography. The rules don’t force you to  create a specific typeface. autiful typography, like autiful paintings, is creat by BSB directory people willing to take risks and come up with new ideas. Movable type printing was first invent in China, usually using ceramic or wooden components. In Mieval Europe in the thirteenth century, typographers would use single-letter tiles to inscri letters on walls.

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