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The User Generated Content trend is inextricably linked to another trend. The story. social media Source pixabay Share your story with us on social media. There is a growing interest in published reports in social media than in the board with friends’ posts. Other websites work similarly. Only Instagram, which introduced a similar solution to that offered by Facebook, has already reached about million users. The story format is simple, clear and quite dynamic. It changes every few seconds and thus allows you to place more of them. It can also be video. Will this format fall into the trap of advertisers.

How Does The Customer Look For The Best Offer On The Market

We will find out in . Social Selling tool for B B For people using Social Media for more business topics, the number trend in will be Social Selling. This is not a new topic, but it has been very whatsapp mobile number list much publicized in recent months. It’s nothing more than using Social Media to increase sales. We write a bit more about this topic on our BUZZme blog and we will definitely deal with the topic many more times. LinkedIn will be the leader here, which, like a phoenix , rises from the ashes after a large financial injection from Microsoft.

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What Should You Pay Special

An when it comes to Social Selling, you should also add the subject of Social Listening, activities that allow you to track opinions about our brand online . By analyzing brand data, we can increase our sales chances, after all, knowledge is the basis. Unfortunately, few companies or traders do this. A study conducted by Brandwatch shows that as many as of people who describe a brand in Social Media do not follow its profile. It is, competitors and those that BSB Directory are of interest to you in terms of sales or relations. Social media, that is, let’s gather in one place.

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