The villain of this dark animated spot is an allegory

For some years now, the advertisements of the Austrian financial entity. Erste Group have become one of the most sparkling “highlights” of advertising born in the heat of Christmas. Its exquisite amalgamation of animation. Storytelling is a true delight that also has the power to warm the heart. Originally Erste Group’s Christmas spots featured adorable animals. Two years ago they decided to focus on humans. First on an old man and then on a little girl who awakens her father’s interest in environmental protection . This year, Erste Bank’s Christmas advertisement is interspersed with a markedly more sombre tone than on previous occasions and makes its own a topic that is extremely topical at the moment: the energy crisis.

The spot signed by the agency Jung von Matt

The production company Zauberberg, the animation studio Able&Baker and the director duo Dorian & Daniel, tells the story industry email list of a mysterious villain who is determined to ruin Christmas by turning off all the lights in the village where he resides. Determined to destroy the Christmas spirit. The villain cuts the power cables and sabotages the gas tanks of the cars with the ultimate goal of freezing all the villagers. Even so, the victims of his outrages are not deterred and defy his acts of evil by warming themselves with candles and extra blankets.

In times of need the strongest communities

This year’s announcement appeals to all of us because it puts the spotlight on the many challenges we are facing right now as a society ,” explains BSB Directory Mario Stadler, head of group brand management & communications at Erste Group. Those in which people help each other. And that’s what we wanted to show in our campaign. “Christmas is, after all, about bringing people together,” he adds. «It is true that the energy crisis. Hits all the characters in the spot. But it also reminds us of what is truly important about Christmas. Which is, not in vain, a celebration of love. Adds Werner Singer, creative director and managing partner of Jung von Matt.

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