The real estate agency market. The real estate agency market has a large number of small and mium-siz operators. Who cover the entire territory in a widespread and uniform way. Through contact points and franchisees. The real estate agency therefore operates in a highly competitive market. To win the daily challenge with its competitors. The agency must be able to count on cutting-ge communication tools. Practical and immiate in their use. Which integrate perfectly with the agency’s management tools and with the main national systems of promotion and management of property sales.

The ebusiness solution for the real estate

The ebusiness solution for the real estate agency by intempra

The real estate agency’s web portal features a welcome homepage that highlights:

The presentation of the most prestigious properties or those manag exclusively by the agency

The graphic and animat selection of the most representative properties latest database 

Highlight access to the property catalogue. Equipp with simple search and filter tools accessible to users of all ages

The selection of top services offer to customers

The latest news on the agency

The latest news on the agency. The area or the real estate market.

An interactive menu allows navigation in the in-depth sections of the website such as:

The presentation section of the agency

The activities and customer services section 

The property catalog section divid into property types. Destinations. Dimensions. Geographical location. Price. Etc.  

The section dicat to requests BSB Directory  and further information for customers: request for an evaluation. Further information on procures. Contracts or legislation. Etc.

The section dicat to news

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