To denote an advanc version of . Languages , etc.) and Languages etc.) have undergone several improvements and additions since their creation. History ( and ) Are there similarities tween image sources and ?  They are very similar, just with native support (object-orient programming) and other extend features. Since you are now familiar with the history of both programming languages (as above), you know that one was creat as an extension of the other. Both languages have the advantage of direct memory management and hardware control. And it is us in the database application development of many famous database core parts such as , and so on.

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Low-level system development cause they can work very close to the low-level. For example, , , and even use them to develop operating systems. Various aspects of it, such as the kernel, are written in and . As not earlier, is consider an Western Sahara Business Email List improvement of . That’s why there are many similarities. For example, syntax and common commands may look almost the same. A rule of thumb is that as far as syntax is concern, is pretty much everything, and more. (Programming Languages) Top Level Comparison with Extend Procural Object-Orient is a procural language, and is both a procural and an object-orient programming language. Thus, the concepts of class and are add to the language.

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Emulate object-orient programming in the language, it is not strongly recommend. More on the differences low. One of the significant advantages of data encapsulation over that is the natural ability of data encapsulation and information hiding. Standard data types The BSB directory standard data types etc.) are the same in both languages. However, supports the use of references, while does not. Although there are pointers, they are not exactly the same. In general, all parameters in are pass by value, while in , it is easy to pass by reference. User-Defin Data Types Another major difference is user-defin data types.

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