Key factors to take into account when investing in a product for reselling. Yesterday I already touched on the key factors to take into account when launching your own product on Amazon. Some things are similar when we resell but others are different. Let’s look at the nuances to take into account.

Recurrence in sale

Recurrence in sale It doesn’t matter if you are dedicated to reselling or launching a new product. In the optimal case you are looking for recurring sales. To do this, it is necessary to look at the following points email leads  with a magnifying glass. Sales ranking : the sales ranking indicates, as already mentioned, whether a product sells a little or a lot. The focus should be articles with a low ranking.

Longtail versus topseller

Longtail versus topseller : You don’t always have to be a topseller. Sometimes it may make sense to add to the catalog that sell little but have a low storage cost and high margin so at the time of sale they make a profit even if it takes 1-2 years to sell. The only BSB Directory disadvantage is the impact it has on your Amazon storage metric so large quantities of products cannot be accumulated with low turnover.

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