The Human Management area

Able to plan, analyze, organize and make decisions in accordance with the autonomy of the position. Excellent interpersonal relationships, service aptitude and high sense of belonging to. The organization. Extensive experience in training collaborators in strengthening soft and hard skills such as. Teamwork, leadership, motivation, time management and technical training such as .Presentation of resumes, job interviews based on. The Human  skills,   to the area of ​​human talent, soft skills, strengthening of administrative competencies.

personnel selection and all topics related

Experience at the teaching level, business training. Home » Administration » Talent Mentoring Leveraged by Measurement Tools: Enhancing Professional Growth Singapore WhatsApp Number Data  Leave a reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * NAME EMAIL WEB LOG IN. Username Password Remember me Check in Lost password RECENT ARTICLES Innovation in your. Entrepreneurship: How to  The Human  Take Advantage of Digital :

Tools to Grow Innovation in your Entrepreneurship

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