At a ginner level, you may just ne to work in namespaces. As you learn more and take more advanc courses, you may learn to work in other namespaces. Class declaration: class scheme This is a class declaration.  the class we are referencing in the code. What follows the next symbol will the data and method definitions for our class. Think of this line as telling the computer: I’m about to define data and methods for the class. Method declaration: static void main() This is a method declaration. This line of code defines the method (or function) that our class will run.

The keyword makes the method

Accessible without a specific instance. This means we can call Methods of the class itself without first defining a specific instance of . Empower your team. Lead the industry. Subscri to a library of online courses and digital South Korea Business Email List learning tools for your organization. The keyword just tells the program that the method has no return value. In other classes and functions, you can define the return value as any of the variable types defin above, including integer , text character , or boolean . In this example, we don’t want the program to return anything at all. We just want it to run and do what it’s suppos to do.

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Hello World This line tells

The program what to run. In this case, we want the program to run a method call (which is an existing method). Above, we call , which is an existing static class in the namespace. We instruct the program to use the method to display the text string. Inside the brackets, we define the BSB directory exact text string we want the program to display: ! Overall, this code example uses the method to display a string in the console. success! Introducing the Framework All programs run on , a framework that allows you to build and run programs such as websites, services, and desktop applications on top of.

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