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We can certainly mention SSL certificates and the implementation of Php code snippets. A question of nuances Choose carefully the color palette that will characterize the appearance of your site. The palette is a fundamental and particularly important distinctive element as it is able to influence the perception of the entire graphic layout. The style of the text and the size of the font are also important elements a careful UIUX involves hierarchy to give the right resonance to the texts always keeping in mind the size of the screen of the device that will contain the interface.

The art of typography

Images and graphic elements Everything on the site affects its performance including visual content . Optimizing images and favoring quality content are points in favor of the UIUX. Try to use photographs illustrations and graphic elements that fill Spain TG Number Data spaces creating a harmonious balance. Buttons and CTAs Use few clear and precise CTAs . Keep the focus on buttons that convert well making sure they are large enough and well spac so they can be click comfortably. What NOT to do Here are the most frequent mistakes in space management We have seen what the basic principles of design are now lets see what mistakes to avoid when managing spaces.

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The application of a visual

Avoid staying too close to the margins inserting elements close to the margins can compromise the readability of the composition. Make sure you dont do this to maintain the right harmony. Maintain the correct distance between elements Spain WhatsApp Number List elements reading difficult so try to leave the right breathing space between the parts of the composition. The importance of white spaces for fear of it appearing bare we often tend to fill the empty spaces in the composition. On the contrary the latter are fundamental for making more or less important elements perceiv giving breathing space and creating a harmonious whole without suffocating the layout.

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