The loyalty program strategy your customer subscrib to the newsletter subscribers database during the first purchase and do you have his address in the database. Be sure to use this huge potential. In the era of the gdpr obtaining consent to send marketing content is not that easy and you already have an open way to e mail communication with your customers. Encourage potential customers to subscribe to the newsletter and join the loyalty program that will provide your recipients with constant access to valuable content and special promotions dicat to loyal customers. Immiately after signing up give a discount on purchases of your products because it will increase the sales chances.

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Advice from the author build a customer’s sense of connection with the brand by creating a points program where every zloty spent equals one point. If you earn a certain amount of points offer a discount or priority sale. Source nivea mailing storytelling strategy Bolivia WhatsApp Number List analyze the behavior of your loyal customers. Verify the frequency of their purchases the type of products they choose and the transaction time. Bas on the accumulat knowlge conduct e mail communicationbas on storytelling I.E. Narration relat to the brand.

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Providing Customers With

Dry information does not attract the audience unlike engaging stories that illustrate the ideology of your brand. Create a whole series that demonstrates the quality of your message your commitment to offering the best customer service. Let the recipients feel that the people who create it are behind the product. Intertwine product or promotional threads that have BSB Directory purely sales overtones with stories about your employees stories from the production line or guides e.G. About good style or lifestyle. Weave into your stories also opinions about your company left after complet purchases and emphasize your gratitude to customers for their presence. Treat them the way you want to be treat yourself.

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