As we can already see, a point that is highly valu by Google is good content . Sites that have quality texts keep visitors there for longer and the search engine is paying attention to this. So if a visitor enters your website and then leaves, this contributes to worse performance. However, if you produce texts optimiz for SEO , authorship and that really interest the target audience , your positioning in the results tends to be better. Do you want to check out other advantages of Content Marketing.

Invest in press relations to get coverage

 Watch the video below: Content Marketing Case by M.Pollo Content is what moves people! M. Pollo understood this and count on our help to generate results through the creation of quality content . During the project, the brand’s website and blog saw a 128.67% increase in sessions, not to mention a 134.98% increase in new users. See the testimony of André Ribeiro, national sales manager at M. Pollo: Testimonial (André Ribeiro, National Sales Manager at M.Pollo).

How to avoid toxic backlinks Avoiding harmful links

 Do you want to transform your company into the next success story of our SEO agency ? Click here ! Investing in the creation of quality content can bring incrible results to your business, making it stand out in the market. What is responsible for the increase in sales, then, is the relationship with the customer , who begins to see your brand as an authority . Furthermore, he sees it as a company that is not interest in selling at any cost, but that cares about your satisfaction.

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