Operating throughout the miterranean basin

A historic and important company in the field of merchant and passenger naval supplies . Operating throughout the miterranean basin. Has always aim to develop its business on foreign markets alongside the most important international players in the sector. Operating throughout the miterranean basin A vast catalog of quality products. An organiz and flexible logistics system. Extreme attention to service and customer satisfaction are the strengths of this company. Operating throughout the miterranean basinWhich has chosen intempra as a partner for the creation of its new institutional website . The new portal has two main purposes: to describe the ship chandling work carri out so far since 1999 and to support the company in lead generation on new markets.

The intempra team has creat a website

The intempra team has  creat a website that responds not only to Operating throughout the miterranean basin the criteria of completeness and spe. But also to the ne to talk about itself in a new new database  guise. On the occasion of its twenty years. Prom has chosen to innovate its Operating throughout the miterranean basinimage with a new portal. A new logo and a new communication style capable of conveying modernity. Efficiency and dynamism.The portal will be a real point of reference for all athletes. Official feral technicians. Instructors 

new base

A prestigious event is approaching for all the miterranean basin

It’s time to hoist the sail: in fact. A prestigious event is approaching for all those who love and practice sailing. The “Gran galà della vela” . The traveling event of sailing excellence. Will be held in bari Operating throughout the miterranean basin tomorrow. Saturday 13 april. At 6pm  Operating throughout the miterranean basin at the bari university sports center (cus bari) . This year’s ition stops in the apulian capital. Calling upon all the protagonists of this sport. It will be an important moment. Characteriz by recognition. Awards. Conviviality and exchange. Intempra is happy and proud to take BSB Directory  part in the event and to support the eighth zone of the italian sailing feration with the online launch of the new website . Which will be present and illustrat to those present on the occasion of the gala.

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