To avoid catastrophic damage, companies must build capabilities to prict, diagnose, detect, activate resources, prevent and track various risks. Relat read and, Prepar for the Next Supply Disruption, MIT Sloan Management Review, y/y. Supply disruptions trigger by the pandemic have caught many companies off guard. To address the future black swan threat to supply chains, managers must think differently. and examines the triggers and performance consequences of supply disruptions. Their framework can help leaders tter manage disruption and maintain product flow. In this webinar, you’ll learn: Why traditional risk.

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For the next catastrophic supply disruption. Why you ne to develop six capabilities (forecast, detect, diagnose, activate, protect, and track) to prepare for and manage supply disruptions. What changes do you ne to make to your business strategy, practices, processes, and systems to improve supply chain resiliency. Event Notifications Get regular email updates about upcom Cameroon Email List webinars, panels, and other special events. What is your email? Sign Up Privacy Policy Topics Operational Crisis Management Supply Chain & Logistics About The author is Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems at York University’s Schulich School of Business and the Canada Research Chair in Supply Chain Management.

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Professor of Operations Management and Information

Systems at the Schulich School of Business and Research Chair and Director of the George Weston Ltd Center for Sustainable Supply Chains. Elizath Heckler is the itorial director of MIT Sloan Management Review. She chair the meet. Tags: Supply Chain & LogisticsSupply Chain CapabilitySupply Chain DisruptionSupply Chain ManagementSupply Chain ResilienceVideos BSB directory WebinarsWebinars and VideosMore Similar You must logg in to comment. First time here? Sign up for a free account: Comment on articles and access more articles. MIT Sloan Management Review Logo Copyright MIT, . all rights reserv. Home Subscrir Services About Us.

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