My best productivity tips. This week I have “sacrificed” a potential client of 5,000 euros. Honestly, he has been an arrogant guy and in the end I was relieved when I told him that I preferred not to work with him. He hasn’t given me a good feeling and at some points he has reminded me a lot of the one I said “goodbye” to a few months ago.

Do things you don't enjoy but that are profitable

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisciDo things you don’t enjoy but that are profitable Activities that bring you money can finance the rest. This is my case. I am carrying out many tasks that I don’t like very much because I am my own investor. The flow of money I generate with clients in Germany BSB Directory allows me to do this. It is something that motivates me and allows me to generate good results despite being what motivates me the most.

Do small things instantly

Do small things instantly This is a habit that has helped me gain a lot of speed and I think I have already mentioned it at another time. Those tasks that don’t even BSB Directory end up on your list are the best. What is crossed out before it is written down is the most productive thing you can do. Advance tasks that require time to complete and depend on third parties.

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