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Successful communication bas on memes pop culture references and replying to comments radically changes this state of affairs. This does not mean that you should switch all communication of any brand to memes and funny pictures of cats. The essence of the so call Real Time Marketing or real time marketing are context Your brand must have some connection to the topic time you don’t want to use a meme from a few years ago accuracy spot use when it actually falls out negative example energy drink campaign with the Warsaw Uprising.

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GenerationZ communication More information about Real Time Marketing can be found on our blog. In the case of a company newsletter remember not to use too much frequency of sending. If you’ve already sent messages to each recipient in a given week and Peru WhatsApp Number List suddenly there’s a great opportunity for a fun contextual ad limit it to social mia or send it the next week. Tip Ask at the source Sometimes it’s hard to admit it directly but time passes inexorably. As the years go by previous generationsmillennials are busy with work children building a house and spend slightly less time on the Internet.

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Therefore regardless of your age and self esteem it is good to have someone from Generation Z to consult on your email marketing campaigns and other online marketing activities. It may be someone from your environment. You can also conduct a survey among curr BSB Directory ent customers in this segment or look for someone to consult on groups on the Internet. Try to look for typical Internet users. If they not only consume but also create content – ​​all the better. Generation Z is very time and profit mind and it’s a good idea for your consultants to get something in return. This can be a financial gratification a discount code or a barter exchange.

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