Therefore it is worth remembering the most important dates Boy’s Day September beginning of the academic year October National ucation Day Teacher’s Day October change of time from summer to winter to October Halloween October All Saints November first long weekend October to November second long weekend November to November National Independence Day November Black Friday November Cyber ​​Monday November St. Andrew’s Day November Barbórka December St. Patrick’s Day Nicholas December Christmas December New Year’s Eve December . The above dates will help us significantly outline the marketing and sales strategy.

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When planning fall newsletters it is worth considering increas interest in the winter collection two long weekends then give yourself a break from promotions planning Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday start of the holiday season. Relate to the cold After our sweltering summer autumn came quickly and got its way. We are starting to buy warmer clothes we are spending Australia Business Fax List more time at home and we enjoy more “one on one” moments. When planning an email marketing campaign think about how you can use it. Show autumn collections give promotions for board games and books present skin care for colder days or promote warmer drinks. Believe me almost every business can refer to autumn so it’s worth playing creatively and thinking about how to turn this unpleasant cold into an advantage.

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Autumn newsletters Coccodrillo Coccodrillo informs about its warm collection already in the September newsletter. See source . Star BSB Directory bucks Newsletter Starbucks is promoting its flavor drinks for fall. See source . Make the most of the holidays There are special deals around almost every corner in the fall . You can use it for special promotions or discount codes. What’s more you can create them in a creative way On Halloween you can refer to trick or treat in the vicinity of Andrzejki to fortune telling and at St.

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