Digital Marketing Metrics and Indicators Average

Improve those in the Top 10, Top 20 and beyond too! Backlinks Backlinks are links from one website to another — referrals. When a website with domain .Digital Marketing authority .links to a smaller company’s website. The smaller website gains a vote of .Confidence in the Internet landscape. This vote of confidence can help improve the authority and, consequently, the positioning of the indicat website in search results. The opposite also happens: when a website is point to by several untrustworthy domains, the so-call ” toxic backlink ” happens, and the indicat website is look at with suspicion as well.

Ticket To evaluate the financial performance

Sessions, visits or total traffic The number of sessions indicates the number of visits your website receiv. This indicator counts the total special data number of visitors , not distinguishing whether one or more visits were made by the same visitor. This total traffic reveals Digital Marketing the effectiveness of your blog and the strategies , for example, that you use to bring more visitors to it. In the case of e-commerce or digital service providers, traffic must also be taken into account as a source of conversions.

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This is perennial and free traffic. Born from Content Marketing in most cases. When the flow of people originates . From an advertising campaign. It is call paid traffic and is punctual: it only happens depending on the business . Objectives at the time. Paid mia and organic mia: Complete guide to reconciling the two Unique Users or Visitors BSD Directory The number of users , which is also known as “unique visitors”. Indicates the number of different people who access your Website in the select period. Page Views Each time a user accesses a page on your website, a view is count.

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