Samples allows you to easily track . Incoming and outgoing samples as they move between. Departments, resulting in a wide range of benefits. Many of these are improve visibility and  externally related, such as. Increasing public relations coverage, but software. Like this can also have a huge transformative effect on internal operations . Enterprise sample management software can: 1. Digitize sample . Operations a digitalized sample management solution . Streamlines your workflow so you can create, manage and share assets quickly and efficiently. Imagine checking in a sample manually – a slow and error-prone . Process – rather than with a quick scan of a barcode or . Rfid tag via smartphone.

Reduce operating costs

In addition to being faster and more accurate, the digital system standardizes operations, eliminating internal divisions and Improve visibility and b2b email list allowing samples to move seamlessly between departments globally. 2. Improve visibility and accountability of departments Standardized digital traceability provides complete visibility into who is receiving a sample, when and why, which in turn helps hold departments accountable. In many cases, this allows you to completely eliminate complicated processes (such as internal invoicing). Accountability also causes teams to pay more attention to champions, reducing champion losses . 3. Reduce operating costs Time is money, as they say, and searching for lost samples is an expensive process.

b2b email list

Accelerate time to market

Take the case of British retailer Debenhams: by upgrading to a digital sample managementImprove visibility and  system, the brand went BSB Directory  from taking days to locate a sample to just five minutes, saving £100,000 a year . Additionally, costs are also reduced by not having to replace lost samples and by automating workflows. 4. Accelerate time to market Streamlining the movement of samples within your company can ease the product design process, allowing new collections to get to market more quickly . For example, archived samples can easily be requested by design teams as a source of inspiration. Additionally, the design iteration process is much smoother when samples are managed correctly. 5. Maximize sales opportunities An often overlooked consequence of poor sample management is lost sales. To understand why, consider how crucial it is to timely upload new products to e-commerce stores.

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