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Real activation of recipients makes them identify with the company creating an intimate hermetic environment often call clubs or fan clubs. So how do you translate theory into real action The S principle will help us with this . company newsletter Shortening the distance Switching to you in e mail communication is nothing more than shortening the distance between the sender and the recipient. But why is it so important When receiving personal data such as an e mail address name or telephone number we must remember that the person on the other side introduces us to a very intimate part of life. Addressing each other as Mr. Ms. creates an invisible wall.

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This one effectively protects access to the private sphere closing the way for us to create any kind of relationship especially a friendly one. In order to shorten the distance we should first of all extend the collect data to include the addressee’s name. Check Japan WhatsApp Number List out how to personalize messages in FreshMail . Segmentation Obtaining a lot of data from the recipient does not necessarily mean increasing the relationality of your communication. They are only a tool that only when us in a certain way will give the expect result.

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Therefore it is worth getting acquaint with the topic of segmenting the contact database. Let us remember despite many common features that the recipients have they differ from each other in a significant way. Some like to be kept inform app BSB Directory eciating frequent communication. Others appreciate rare but extensive mailings that will allow them to analyze the present value in more depth. Behavioral segmentation is ideal for separating this group. This includes for example interest in a given pool of products or how often a given recipient opens our e mail. Various forms of targeting your database will allow you to recognize the nes of the client and offer him a value perfectly match to them.

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