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Over time. Google Ads has become a more than complete tool through each of its functions. However. it is now possible to find image extensions in Google Ads with full availability for the year 0. That is why we have taken the time to create an article about what image extensions are in Google Ads and how they work. In addition. we explain when it can be us by all advertisers to obtain all its benefits. What was previously known as a text ad is now different and we explain it to you in detail. Contents  What are image extensions in Google Ads? . How are they us?  When will it be available to all advertisers? What are image extensions in Google Ads? Image extensions in Google Ads are known as a new detail in the ads of said tool.

Since basically, it now implements a thumbnail image

This can be consider a breakthrough. If anything has been notic in recent years. it is the ne for a visual New Zealand Email Data element when using a digital marketing strategy. And with image extensions in Google Ads this is possible. because it complements any ad very well. It is necessary to understand that this is a new way of using text ads and complementing them with an image. So it is possible that it is an extension that has not been sufficiently analyz to establish a level of effectiveness in its function. But if we can highlight something. it is the fact that it makes the ads much more relevant within the SERPs. And it is expect that they will help generate more traffic for these ads. in addition to guaranteeing an increase in the click-through rate of a website.

How are they us

Now that you know what image extensions in Google Ads are bas on. you ne to learn how to use them. Therefore. we explain BSB Directory how they work so that you can apply it in the most effective way. We must start with the fact that you can use image extensions per campaign or even use them in several campaigns at the same time. How to achieve it? As follows: Enter the section where all the campaigns in your account are. Choose the “Ads and extensions” section. In the Extensions tab choose the option to add a new extension and select the “Image Extension”. On the new screen that will open. select the ad group or campaigns to add them. The blue link allows you to select specific options. Select within the pop-up box all the campaigns or ad groups to which it will apply.

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