How long does it take We’ll see. Before you continue reading. When I talk about “first version” I mean a landing page to attract the first subscribers. Obviously we are not yet talking about a first prototype of what will be the final version of your website. That’s another thing. No, I’m talking to you about being able to start your project.

Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the importance

How long does it take Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the importance of the launch category email list phase of a website . You don’t put out a website and then say “look here it is and how beautiful it is”. Worst of all, many actually do it exactly like this. They set to work for weeks and months in secret so that no one finds out that they are doing anything. So when they take it out it will be the bomb because everyone will be totally amazed. No, I assure you, it doesn’t work like that. Many others cannot get moving because they see everything as so difficult and complicated . 

Today I will tell you exactly how long it takes to create with social networks

It seems like I did it on purpose but no. In a little over an hour BSB Directory and 11 steps I created a landing page with Leadpages that is connected to my Aweber email marketing tool. I have also created two profiles on social networks (Twitter and Facebook). I have a little practice with the subject so I am getting faster at doing it. Multiply the time it took me by 4 or 5 and you will. 

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