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Digital marketing related term recognition survey On the other hand, approximately 50% of the respondents answered that they did not know any words that applied to them. The most recognized type of advertising is “Affiliate advertising” (51.9%) The most recognized advertising-related term was “affiliate advertising” (51.9%), followed by “SNS advertising” (43%) and “video advertising” (39.7%). Approximately 20% of the respondents answered that they did not know any words that applied to them.


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Nile’s view “Marketing” is a word that we often hear. But since it is an abstract term, many people WhatsApp Number List may only have a vague understanding of it. As the results of this survey show, only a small percentage of people fully understand the meaning. So the meaning is likely to change depending on the company and the person using it. It can be said that it is necessary to carefully understand what they mean. Regarding marketing terms and indicators, even the most well-known terms were less than 30%. On the other hand , it was found that awareness of affiliate advertising was over 50%. Even if you don’t actually operate affiliate advertising, many people may know about it from recent news or as a side job.

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Nile’s Marketing Consultation Office will continue to conduct research that will BSB Directory be useful for marketing. Add this entry to Hatena Bookmark Editor information Hikaru Kaneko Hikaru Kaneko Joined Rakuten Group, Inc. as a new graduate. He manages a team of 40 people as a sales manager. After that, he joined a venture company with three employees and gained experience in launching a new business. Currently, he is engaged in web marketing as the editor-in-chief of Nile’s Marketing Consultation Department. Click here for free consultation Supervisor information Nile Editorial Department Nile Editorial Department Founded in 2007, we have provided marketing support to over 2,000 companies in the past 15 years.

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