In the case of email marketing take care of personalization frequency of sending transactional emails and segments compos of customers at various stages of interaction with your brand. FreshMailers Interview with Ewa Klaudia and Maciej BOK Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google+ Pinterest Buffer Each of you came to the Customer Service Office in FreshMail in a different way. Why did you decide to work in this department and with us? Ewa Nawalaniec Working in customer service allows me to make new acquaintances including business ones which may also survive in the future.

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Whats more this type of work significantly improves the ability to communicate with other people. Considering the above aspects and the opinions I heard about FreshMail before submitting my CV I decid to give it a try. After the interview with the head of the entire department I knew that open smiling Business Development Directors Email Lists people were waiting for me and what is important always willing to help. smile . Klaudia Łosik My friend let me know that a position at FreshMail BOK has become vacant. I want to quit my previous job during this period and I knew just like Ewa that the atmosphere in the new one was great so I decid to apply.

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Maciej Jeż Until now I had no contact with the IT industry and decid that it was worth trying something new. And here my story somewhat coincides with what Klaudia said. When I was looking for a job I receiv information from a colleague that the company was BSB Directory looking for people for the Customer Service Office and that I had experience in this matter I submitt my CV. I believe that every relationship including a business one should be bas on partnership and mutual respect. Many companies say the customer is our master . However when is it better to bet on partnership and let go of this phrase a bit? MJ Every time I meet a client.

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