You will still read plenty

You will still read plenty. When there are few products, it becomes easier to manage the attention of subscribers. We can focus their attention on the things we want to sell first. Ruck the number of photos with general store plans. We began to take close up photos of things on the shelves more often. It is important to remember that if you have an offline store, you cannot completely remove general plans from your fe. Subscribers must see that the store really exists. This is not an online sale or a fashion blog. We increas the number of photos where goods are in people’s hands.

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This way subscribers can estimate the photo editing servies actual size of the product. Plus people love to watch people. Photos with people always gain more coverage than. Product photos or a render layout. The photographs alternate general plan , maim plan , close up. Product categories in the fe should also change bags , gloves , scarves , suitcases , wallets. The key product of the Morgen store is bags , which is why they appear in the fe most often. But the bags also alternate there are both women’s and men’s. With the help of color backgrounds, we drew the audience’s attention to the seasonal collections.

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The fe has become brighter , it has become easier to focus the BSB Directory attention of subscribers on current new products and sales. Result We start changing the account design in December . During this time • engagement increase from . to the number of subscribers increase from to , people. Conclusion The success of an account is influenc by many factors advertising to the right target audience , calls to action in texts , competent tone of voice. But without thoughtful visual design of the account , this will not bring much success.

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