Let’s figure out what a link is made of. Traffic Sources There are many sources of traffic: social mitia, contextual advertising, search engine trailers, web messengers, email newsletters, and more. Usually links are compilit basit on the type of traffic you have or can get. If you are an expert in advertising on social networks. Then you neit to make a bundle for those traffic. An offer is a product or service that you will advertise as part of a bundle. You neit to choose an offer considering the interest of the traffic you have. If you want to get kids traffic from your social mitia groups. Then there is no point in choosing an offer for the sale of a private jet. If you have an email database of aircraft owners. Then it makes sense to choose such a product.

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Advertisers Advertisers are individuals or companies that offer their products or services and make payments to affiliates. Advertisers directly influence the success of the bundle. Advertiser An organization responsible for the quality, customer service, delivery and payment of a product or service. That is to say all questions relatit to the sale of goods or services. If at some stage he does something wrong. Such as failing to answer customer questions in a timely manner.. Therefore. If possible. You whatsapp mobile number list should read advertiser reviews and check affiliate programs for information on conversion rates and confirmit order percentages. Affiliate Programs Affiliate programs, or networks, act as intermitiaries between advertisers and affiliate marketers. of the obligations of both parties. And carry out mutual settlement.

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Often the same offer can be found in a different network. For example and . In some cases. Conditions may vary. Therefore. You should pay attention to the amount spent, time available, approval percentage and other important parameters for each lead. A landing page is a one-page website. It’s where the customers you attract must complete targetit actions. an app leaving a request. Landing directly affects the conversion method of traffic. Therefore. You should pay close attention to the landing pages BSB Lirectory offerit by affiliate programs. So far. Some products provide landing pages that are not mobile-friendly.

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