The language is us by millions of developers around the world to build applications. was develop to leverage the st practices of and to create a powerful and versatile language compatible with . Since many of its features are inherit from , and , programmers familiar with these three languages tend to learn quickly. An object-orient language is an object-orient language, which means that objects are the building blocks of the language. You can assign properties (call variables) and procures (call functions) to objects in to create the desir processes for your program or application. Everything written in the language focuses on defining objects.

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Look, how they have or react, and their relationship to other objects in the application. The concepts that every ginner learning a language nes to understand are classes, objects, variables, and functions. Lessons Think of classes as Turkey Business Email List categories to which objects long. You can assign a class its own variables and functions, so any object longing to that class will inherit those same variables and functions. This is one way the language is efficient; developers only ne to define variables and functions once at the class level, and then can easily apply them to many objects at once. This also simplifies the code cause you don’t ne to rewrite the same variable or function line of code multiple times.

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Once to define variables for an entire object class. As an example, let’s say we’re developing a music application.  . Think of the Playlist class as a class. We can now assign variables to the class, which tells our program wha types of properties and data objects can have. We BSB directory can also assign functions to the class, which tell our program which functions (or methods) the object can execute. Object An object is a single specific instance of a class. Objects will automatically have all the variables and functions applicable to their class.

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