According to data four out of five Poles look for information or reviews before buying. Use it Become a collector of good opinions. What’s more boast and actively use your harvest. Create a favorable environment tools and circumstances for your customers to share their opinion. How That’s what I’m writing about today. Nowadays we have many possibilities and ways to both collect and gain customer feback . We can use applications portals or dicat plug ins. It is possible to place software or an appropriate script on the company’s website that allows users to evaluate our products or services.

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We can use e mail marketing social mia industry platforms or those collecting opinions. In addition to customizing and providing customers with tools for issuing reviews let’s focus primarily on encouraging them to leave positive recommendations. First don’t Guatemala WhatsApp Number List be afraid to ask for feback After completing the purchase just write an e mail kindly asking to share your impressions about the service product customer service or the entire order fulfillment process. Do you send newsletters Include a request for an opinion about the company in the footer of the e mail with rirection to a specially creat form or landing page.

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Create guiding questions to make the process easier for those less willing customers to write a few words about your company. Sample questions Why did you choose our services products What do you value our products services for Source Pysze mail BSB Directory ing Simplify the whole process. Emphasize that leaving a rating is quick and easy One of the biggest problems when collecting recommendations from your clients is the too long and complicat process of adding them. Let’s face it we don’t have the time or the desire to spend a few minutes clicking through the tabs. Therefore it is worth emphasizing that the whole process will take for example seconds and consists only in clicking on the appropriate number of stars.

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