The same goes for influencers. Coach has seen a significant increase in brand equity thanks to its collaboration with Selena Gomez: her voice resonates strongly with Coach’s which-metrics-to  target audience, as her posts have been responsible for a 50 % increase in the account’s followers compar to the previous year. The quality of the content also plays an important role. Articles or posts that focus exclusively on the brand or that contain images and videos have a greater impact on brand equity than posts that simply feature high engagement metrics. Wouldn’t you rather have a blog post dicat exclusively to your company… Instyle mia strategy … rather than sharing the space with other brands? Vogue mia strategy Use the right metrics.

How to choose the right media monitoring tools

GUIDE TO MIA IMPACT VALUE™️ READ THE ARTICLE Another valuable metric you can track is business database  Share of Value. This is a which-metrics-to  percentage view of the value – bas on MIV® – generat by a brand, a brand segment or an influencer, over a specific period of time. The Share of Voice, on the other hand, represents the percentage of mentions generat. The advantage of Share of Value over Share of Voice is that it is a value-bas metric, not quantity. It gives a concrete ROI value in dollars to your PR efforts, but more importantly it shows how you are performing compar to the competition. Calculating Share of Value requires complex algorithmic work, which is why most FLB brands turn to PR benchmarking software like Insights by Launchmetrics, which shows you exactly where you stand within your industry at any time.


Insights constantly monitors print, online and social mia, allowing you to compare your progress with that of competing brands as you work to increase your Share of Value. These are just a few examples of how you can use different metrics to get a deeper sense of performance and help you achieve your marketing goals. How to choose the right mia monitoring tools In light of the above, it is clear that your mia monitoring strategy must be bas on and support by the right tools. These tools not only save you time, but also provide you with KPIs and metrics that align with which-metrics-to  your goals and help you make better decisions . BSB Directory  One thing to consider is whether the software tools you invest in are gear towards your industry. Industry-specific tools have several advantages: 

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