It’s one thing to set a goal for your business. But it’s another thing to set goals that are feasible and effective. Of course. We all want to achieve the latter. But getting there isn’t always the easiest route. Enter smart goals. Which challenge you to create goals for your business that are clear and measurable. Smart goals are design to be attainable. Effectively moving you one step closer to your next goal. What are smart goals? Whiteboard showing smart goal When setting a specific requirements smart goals can be us to create an action plan for individuals or teams to work towards.

Smart goals have the following features

Although smart goals can be appli to almost any aspect Asia email list of life. They have become important in marketing as a way for teams to ensure the highest level of effectiveness in advertising and promotional campaigns . Smart goals have the following features: [s]pecific: specific goals create action. When setting a specific goal. You ne a clear goal and the steps ne to achieve it. [measurable: a measurable goal is one that can be quantifi in some way. For example. You might have a goal to get 500 more email subscribers within a month or get 25 more leads this week from facebook ads .

Increasing our email list will allow us to communicate

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Think of each goal as a step towards another goal. In   BSB Directory other words. It should feel attainable. For example. If you think 500 email subscribers in a month seems unattainable. Change it to a number you think you can realistically reach. [r]elevant: define why you are setting this goal. This keeps everyone working on the goal on the same page. Painting a picture of the end goal. For example. “Increasing our email list will allow us to communicate more frequently with our followers.

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